Zhoushan Longshan Shipyard Co. Ltd.
Zhoushan Longshan Shipyard Co. Ltd.

Zhoushan Longshan Shipyard Co. Ltd, established in 1975 and turned into joint-stock enterprise in June 2006, is situated at LIUHENG Island, Zhoushan city, close to Ningbo & Shanghai ports. The shipyard is capable to accommodate any kind of vessels up to Cape Size, it is ISO 9001 certified from most of the Classification Societies (Lloyds Register, Bureau Veritas, Det Norske Veritas, NK, CCS, etc.) and is praised by international ship owners for creditable reputation, good quality, punctual schedule and best services. The 95% of the repaired vessel at Longshan belong to foreign ship-owners.

Zhoushan Longshan Shipyard Co. Ltd has a staff of more than 1,000 employees for the different repair fields, trained and re-trained through the years according to the new technological renovations. Over the recent years, Zhoushan Longshan Shipyard Co. Ltd has successfully undertaken many ship repair & conversion projects with high scientific and technological content, including the repairs of chemical tankers, LPG, refrigerated vessels, bulk carriers, oil tankers and other special ships and converting cargo ships into dredgers. The reputation of the company is accepted from both domestic customers and also foreign customers from various countries like Norway,South Korea,Taiwan,Hong Kong,Greece,Russia,Germany and many others. It ensures safety and quality in production, cut short production period which is always kept, and best reasonable prices aiming to be developed into a best large-scale ship repair enterprise in China.

After many years of technical development and staff training, the company is endowed with rather perfect and systematic ship repairing capability. Over recent years, it has succeeded in some ship repairing and renovation projects with high scientific and technological content, including the repairing of chemical carries, liquefied gas tankers, freezing carriers and transforming cargo ships into dredgers.

Type Length [m] Breadth [m] DWT Capacity [Tons] Lifting Capacity [Tons] Crane [Tons] Notes
D/D 310.0 55.0 200,000 - - -
D/D 235.0 40.0 70,000 - - -
Wharf Length [m] Breadth [m] Capacity [Tons] Cranes [Tons] Notes
Wharf no. 1 220.0 17.0 80,000 DWT -
Wharf no. 2 220.0 22.0 80,000 DWT -
Wharf no. 3 400.0 34.0 200,000 DWT -
Shipyard Location
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