Jinhai Shipyard (Zhoushan) Co. Ltd.
Jinhai Shipyard (Zhoushan) Co. Ltd.

Jinhai Heavy Industry Co. Ltd “JHI”, founded in September 2005, is one of the biggest shipbuilding & repairing yards inChina and possesses three(3) Large Production Bases, located on Zhejiang Zhoushan Daishan Changtu Island, Daishan Jiangnanshan and Dinghai Baiquan respectively. The company is awarded as one of the industrial leading key enterprises in Zhejiang Province as well as one of the provincial high-tech enterprises.

Jinhai Shipyard (Zhoushan) Co. Ltd, as a Subsidiary of HaiNan Airline Logistics Group, was developed on the basis of the new-building base ofDaishanChangtuIsland, which is fully equipped, well designed and with an excellent geographical position for Repairing & Conversion of Marine Vessels and Offshore Projects.

Jinhai Heavy Industry Co. Ltd “JHI” occupies an area of more than 5 million m2 with workshop areas of more than700,000 m2. Along the 13,000-meter coastline, JHI has outfitting wharf over3800 meters and 8 docks with a total capacity of 2.08 million tons. The biggest one has a capacity of 0.5 million tons, which ranks among the best inChina and even inAsia. Equipped with two 800t gantry cranes, several gantry cranes of 550t, 450t and 300t, more than 40 gantry cranes from 25t to 150t, JHI has a variety of large-scale automatic shipbuilding and repairing equipments such as 6 production lines pre-treating raw steel material, 2 plane sectional flow production lines, several imported plasma cutting machines, etc. It has main production equipment about 875 sets.

JHI is capable of building types of large and medium ships at home and abroad such as container ships, LNG, LPG, Ro-Ro, FPSO, product tankers, crude oil tankers, bulk carriers, passenger vessels and special vessels. Its main products are 64,000DWT Bulk Carrier, 74,500DWT Bulk Carrier, 76,000DWT Bulk Carrier, 79,600DWT Bulk Carrier, 80,000DWT Bulk Carrier, 81,500DWT Bulk Carrier. 110,000DWT Crude Oil Tanker, 320,000DWT VLCC and 90m Jack-up, etc. Main ship product: 110,000DWT, 320,000DWT crude oil tanker, 2500TEU, 8800TEU container ship , 90m jack-up platform and 64,000DWT, 82,000DWT, 180,000DWT bulk carriers.

Type Length [m] Breadth [m] DWT Capacity [Tons] Lifting Capacity [Tons] Crane [Tons] Notes
Drydock no. 1 400.0 80.0 - - Luffing Cranes 100T x 1, 150T x 2 -
Drydock no. 2 240.0 40.0 - - Gantry Crane 300T x 2 -
Wharf Length [m] Capacity [Tons] Cranes [Tons] Notes
Pier no. 1 650.0 - Luffing Crane 25T x 2  
Pier no. 2 562.0 - Luffing Crane 25T x 2  
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