Chengxi Shipyard Co. Ltd.
Chengxi Shipyard Co. Ltd.

Chengxi Shipyard Co. Ltd. is a subsidiary corporation wholly-owned by China CSSC Holdings Limited and one of the leading shipyards in China with strong capacity, large scale and professional management. Located in Jiangyin city, Jiangsu province, at lower reach of Yangtze River which is adjacent to the important port cities such as Shanghai, Nantong, Zhangjiagang etc, the shipyard is convenient for river and land transportation. The company is mainly engaged in the ship repair & new building, offshore engineering and large steel construction. Shipyard’s manpower is over 10,000 employees in the company including more than 1,200 professional technicians. The turnover of ship repair listed in the top leading position inChina's ship repair circle for many years. The company is well known in the international ship repair market, co-operating with shipping companies from 50 countries worldwide and enjoys a sound reputation for highest quality levels. In the recent years, on basis of technology innovation, the company was devoted itself to the specialized ship's repair and large-scale conversion centre, undertaking projects for FPSO, FSO and VLOC.

Chengxi Shipyard Co. Ltd. owns two shiprepair / newbuilding bases in middle China (Shanghai area), namely Chengxi Shipyard and Chengxi Shipyard (Xinrong) Co. Ltd, covering a production area of total 1.02 million sq.m and a total berth shoreline along Yangtze River over3,500 m. The two bases have ten (10) deep-water berths, five floating docks with deadweight capacity of 170,000 Tons, 120,000 Tons, 100,000 Tons, 80,000 tons and 50,000 Tons respectively, one slipway of 80,000 Tons,  one inside harbor quay, floating crane of 1,600 Tons and other facilities for ship-repairing and shipbuilding.

Chengxi Shipyard (Xinrong) Co. Ltd. is a joint venture corporation by Chengxi Shipyard Co., Ltd and HongKong Brilliant Hero Industrial Ltd., as a state-owned holding modern enterprise for shiprepairs & conversions. It is conveniently located at Xingang port in Jingjiang city,Jiangsu province, covering an area of 230,000 sq.m. Shipyard’s specialized personnel consist of more than 240 engineers and technicians. There are two floating docks with deadweight capacity of 170,000 tons and 100,000 tons. Outfitting quay is 1060 m, the front water depth being 12-20 m and the main navigation channel30 m. The quay has been equipped with shore crane with lifting capacity of 60 tons/70m x 2 sets, 50 tons /100 m x 2 sets, 32tons/72m x 2 sets. Steel workshop covers an area of 16,000 sq.m. Machinery & Electrical workshop covers an area of 20,000 sq.m. Piping workshop covers an area of 7,000 sq.m. Hatch covers paint cell covers an area of 10,000 sq.m. Hatch covers repair place covers an area of 30,000 sq.m with two sets gantry crane of 50 tons. The shipyard has been fully equipped with advanced ship repair facilities, and the company has been accredited and certificated by CSQA with QMS,EMS and OHSMS. The annually capacity of repair & conversion projects is between 120 to 150 vessels & offshore units.

Geographical Location of Chengxi Shipyard (Xinrong): North Latitude 32°02'43'', East Longitude 120°24.5'

Type Length [m] Breadth [m] DWT Capacity [Tons] Lifting Capacity [Tons] Crane [Tons] Notes
Jiang Shan F/D (Xinrong S/Y) 330.0 53.5 170,000 50,000 - -
He Shan F/D (Xinrong S/Y) 285.0 48.5 100,000 35,000 - -
Heng Shan F/D 257.0 42.0 100,000 26,000 - -
Jin Shan F/D 256.0 40.5 80,000 18,850 - -
Chang Shan F/D 217.0 36.6 50,000 13,000 - -
Wharf Length [m] Capacity [Tons] Cranes [Tons] Notes
No. 1 (Xinrong S/Y) 760.0 170,000 60T x 2, 50T x1  -
No. 2 (Xinrong S/Y) 300.0 170,000 50T x 1, 32T x 2
Shipyard Location
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