Cosco Shipyard Group (Major Agents)
Cosco Shipyard Group (Major Agents)
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COSCO SHIPYARD GROUP CO. LTD. is a leading company for Shiprepairing & Conversion Projects, and is owning/operating 6 major shipyards which are strategically located along China?s coastline: Shanghai, Nantong, Dalian, Guangzhou, Zhoushan and Lianyungang.

The Group is dedicated to provide Shiprepair and Conversion services in compliance with the highest standards of quality and reliability, at internationally competitive prices. To this end, all Cosco Shipyards have achieved ISO9002 or ISO9001:2000 Quality Management Certification for their entire operations. Also, its Commercial Headquarters are established in Shanghai, the most important maritime center in Far East, with advanced IT facilities and convenient communication systems, which enable the Group to provide full range of services to international customers.

The total the dock capacity of COSCO SHIPYARD GROUP CO. LTD. is abt 1.85 million tons, concluding two capacities of 300,000 tons floating docks, four capacities of 150,000~200,000 tons docks, six capacities of 40,000~80,000 tons docks , 31 berths, two Shipbuilding berth, and four water slides as well as two supporting water split.

Cosco Shanghai Shipyard (Shanghai)
Cosco Shanghai Shipyard Co. Ltd. is conveniently located in Shanghai downtown and is specializing in the D/D & Repairs of Handy-size vessels.
Type Length [m] Breadth [m] DWT Capacity [Tons] Lifting Capacity [Tons) Crane [Tons] Notes
F/D 195.0 35.0 50,000 16,000 30Tx1,15Tx1 -
Wharf Length [m] Draft [m] Capacity [Tons] Crane [Tons] Notes
No.1 160.0 - 47,000 15Tx1
No.2 200.0 - 47,000 15Tx1
Shipyard Location
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